SURFTEST SJ-210 IN/0.75MN 178-561-01E

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SURFTEST SJ-210 IN/0.75MN 178-561-01E

Item# MT0006533

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SURFTEST SJ-210 IN/0.75MN 178-561-01E

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Regular Price: Rp. 43,120,000 /EA

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Product Description


SURFTEST SJ-210 IN/0.75MN 178-561-01E adalah ala t yang digunakan untuk mengukur kekasaran permukaan benda kerja. Alat in i mempunyai fitur LCD dengan display yang besar. Alat ini dapat dioperas ikan dengan simple dengan cara menyentuh panel lcd. Pengukuran data ya ng dilakukan dapat disimpan dengan format CSV sehingga dapat digunakan u ntuk proses lebih lanjut. Surftest ini mempunyai range pengukuran -200 Micrometer to +160 Micrometer. Surftest sering digunakan di industri, pabrik atau bengkel .


Additional Information

Name SURFTEST SJ-210 IN/0.75MN 178-561-01E
SKU MT0006533
Netto Weight 1.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 178-561-01E
Dimension Unit 170 X 100 X 190 MM
Type Portable
  • Color LCD can display not only calculation results and measurement conditions, but also surface roughness waveforms.
  • Supports a varie ty of roughness standards.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery allows me asurement without the power supply.
  • Optional printer for SJ-210 al lows the printing of calculation results and measured profiles.
  • Specification
  • Measuring range X-axis: 16.0 mm
  • Detector range: 360 micron (- 200 micron + 160 micron)
  • Range/Resolution: 360 micron / 0.02 micro n, 100 micron / 0.006 micron, 25 micron / 0.002 micron
  • Measuring s peed when measuring: 0.25 mm/s, 0.5mm/s, 0.75mm/s
  • Measuring speed when returning: 1 mm/s
  • Measuring force/Stylus tip shape: 0.75 Mn/6 0 deg., 2 micronR
  • Skid force: 400mN or less
  • Applicable stand ards: JIS 1982/ JIS 1994/ JIS 2001/ ISO 1997/ ANSI/ VDA
  • Assessed p rofile: Primary profile, Roughness profile, DF profile, Roughness motif profile
  • Parameter: Ra, Rc, Ry, Rz,Rq, Rt, Rmax, Rp, Rv, R3z,Rsk, R ku, Rc, Rpc, Rsm, Rz1max, S, HSC, RzJIS, Rppi, RΔa, RΔq, Rlr, Rmr, Rmr(c ), Rδc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rpm, tp, Htp, R, Rx, AR, Pos sible Customize
  • Analysis graph: BAC and ADC curves
  • Filter: G aussian, 2CR75, PC75
  • Cut off value λc: 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5 mm Cut off value λs: 2.5, 8 micron
  • Sampling length: 0.08, 0.25, 0 .8, 2.5 mm
  • No. of sampling lengths: X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 X10 (arbitrary length (0.3 to 16.0mm: 0.01mm interval)
  • Dimensions of LCD display area: 36.7 X 48.9 mm
  • Display language: Supports 16 lan guages (Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Tradition al Chinese, Korean, Turkish)
  • Vertical display: 1 row/ 3 rows/ Trac e
  • Horizontal display: 1 column/ 4columns/ Trace (Right/ Left switc hing display is available)
  • Print functions: Measurement condition/ Calculation result/ Calculation result per segment/ Assessed profile/ M aterial ratio curve/ Profile height amplitude distribution curve/ Enviro nmental setting items
  • External I/O functions: USB I/F, Digimatic o utput, printer output, RS-232C I/F, foot switch I/F
  • Customization: Desired parameters can be selected for calculation and display.
  • G O/NG judgement function: Maximum value rule, 16% rule, mean value rule
  • Storing measurement condition: When the power is turned off
  • S torage: Built-in memory: Measurement condition (Up to 10)
  • Storage: Memory card (optional): 500 measurement conditions, 10000 measured prof iles, 500 display images, Text files (Measurement condition/ Measurement data/ Assessed profile/ Material ratio curve/ Profile height amplitude distribution curve)
  • Calibration:Auto-calibration with the entry of numerical value/ Avarege calibration with multiple measurement (Max. 5 times) is available.
  • Power saving function: Auto sleep (settable i n the range of 10 to 600 sec)
  • Power supply: Built-in battery (rec hargeable Ni-MH battery) / AC adapter
  • Charging time of the built-i n battery: about 4 hours (may vary due to ambient temperature)
  • End urance: aboout 1000 measurements (differs slightly due to use conditions /environment)
  • Calculation display unit dimension: 52.1 x 65.8 x 16 0 mm (sliding cover closed, detector not mounted)
  • Drive unit dimen sion: 115 x 23 x 26 mm (excluding the detector)
  • Mass: Approx. 500 g ( Calculation display unit, Drive unit, Standard detector)
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 00 (more detail)
    Interface (Spc) Yes
    Range X Axis 16 MM

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