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PROFILE PROJECTOR PJ-H30B2017B 303-724E adalah a lat yang digunakan untuk mengukur profil benda kerja yang telah diproyek sikan. Alat ini cocok digunakan untuk mengukur pitch pada ulir, roda gig i atau celah pada benda kerja yang mempunyai ukuran cukup besar. Pr ofile projector ini mempunyai diameter 306mm dengan layar yang dilen gkapi dengan cross hair dan garis pengukuran sehingga dapat dilakukan pe nyesuaian/alignment saat pengukuran untuk mendapatkan hasil yang akurat dan presisi. Profile projector sering digunakan di industri, pa brik atau bengkel .


Additional Information

SKU 10012001
Netto Weight 140.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 303-724E
Dimension Unit 400 X 741 X 1093 MM
Type Profile Projectors
  • Dramatic increase in the light intensity of a projected image thanks to the new contour illumination optical system (2 times higher than the conventional model in the average intensity of alllenses)*
  • High-accuracy measurement above JIS standard
  • Choice ofmeasuring range in line with market demands
  • Quick release mechanismon each axis that enables smooth switching between fast positioning andFine feed
  • Regulated power supply with a soft-start characteristic for maximizing halogen bulb life
  • Bulb slide switch ing mechanism thatallows quick and safe changing of a blown bu
  • High-visibility digitalcounter with a large character display (approx. 3.6 times larger thanthe conventional type in area terms)
  • A model with a high-accuracyedge detector (Opto-eye) is available fo r effective, manual measurement.
  • Specification
  • Protractor screen (Note: The screen on model PJ-H30E will notrotate.)
  • Effective diameter: Dia. 306mm, 90Deg. solid cross linewidth: 0.1mm Rotating angle: +/- 360Deg. (counter display: +/- 370Deg.), angle display: 1Deg. or 0.01Deg.
  • Image type :Erect-unreversed
  • Projection lens (option): 5X, 10X (standard accessory), 20X, 50X, 100X: parfocal design, half mirror built-in movable type for vertical surface illumination
  • Mount: 3-turret bayonet mount
  • Magnificationaccuracy Contour: +/- 0.1% or bett er, surface: +/- 0.15% or better
  • Focusing unit:
  • Maximum hei ght of workpiece: 105mm
  • Drive/feedmechanism (Model PJ-H30E/A/B): Projection screen head vertical drive(Fixed stage unit), manual wheel (1mm/full turn)
  • Drive/feedmechanism (Model PJ-H30D) : Proj ection screen head vertical drive (fixed stage), motor-driven (jog shu ttle coarse/fine feed: approx. 4Micrometer/step for fine feed, varia ble speed: max 5mm/s)
  • Contourillumination: Light source: 24V/ 150W/50h halogen bulb, zoom-typetelecentric illumination, built-in heat absorbing filter, built-incooling fan, nonstepped light control, smooth light-up (inrush currentreduction), bulb slide switching mechanism
  • Surface illumination:Light source: 24V/150W/50h halogen bulb, vertica l/oblique surfaceillumination angle variable mechanism, built-in heat a bsorbing filter,built-in cooling fan, non-stepped light control, smoot h light-up
  • Stage:
  • Measuring range :200 x 170mm
  • Top surface dimensions:410 x 342mm
  • Effective dimensions of stag e glass :270 x 240mm
  • Swiveling angle +/- 3Deg. (right) +/- 5Deg. ( left)
  • Note:Mechanical assurance 10kg 20kg
  • Digital count er:
  • Resolution:0.001mm mm/inch selectable
  • Axes disp layed :X and Y
  • Functions: Zero-setting, direction switching, Opto- eye input, external loadoutput, RS-232C output
  • Main unit mass: 17 6kg 178kg 205kg 212kg
  • Power supply: Switching type, AC power input: 100 to 240 V (no need for voltage selection), GND terminal
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 30
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 03 (more detail)
    Magnification 10X
    Accuracy +/- 0.1%
    Max Height 105 MM
    Max Length 200 MM
    Resolution 0.001 mm
    Max Width 170 MM

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