CUT WHEEL EHT150-3.0A24SSG 162248

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CUT WHEEL EHT150-3.0A24SSG 162248

Rp 83,028

  • Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A
  • Workpiece materials: Stainless Ste el INOX
  • Application: Cutting of metal, sheet profiles and soli d ma terials
  • Disc thickness 1,9/1,6/1,0 mm for fast, convenient cutting with minimized burr formation.
  • Disc thickness 2,4 mm fo r unive rsal cutting work.
  • Disc thickness 3,2/3,0/2,9 mm for maxi mum tool life with high lateral stability.
  • Multipurpose tool in hardness grade S for cool cutting.
  • PFERD product with high cutting performance and long tool life.
  • EN Designation: 41 A 24 S BF 80
  • D x T x H: 150 x 3,0 x 22,23 mm
  • Max speed: 10200 rpm
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