PROJECTOR PJ-H30B3017B 303-725E

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PROJECTOR PJ-H30B3017B 303-725E

Item# MT0005051

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PROJECTOR PJ-H30B3017B 303-725E

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PROJECTOR PJ-H30B3017B 303-725E adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur profil benda kerja yang telah diproyeksikan. A lat ini cocok digunakan untuk mengukur pitch pada ulir, roda gigi atau c elah pada benda kerja yang mempunyai ukuran cukup besar. Profile pr ojector ini mempunyai diameter 306 mm dengan layar yang dilengkapi d engan cross hair dan garis pengukuran sehingga dapat dilakukan penyesuai an/alignment saat pengukuran untuk mendapatkan hasil yang akurat dan pre sisi. Profile projector sering digunakan di industri, pabrik at au bengkel .


Additional Information

Name PROJECTOR PJ-H30B3017B 303-725E
SKU MT0005051
Netto Weight 212.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 303-725E
Dimension Unit 1000 X 950 X 1090 MM
Type Profile Projector
  • Dramatic increase in the light intensity of a projected image thanks to the new contour illumination optical system (2 times higher than the conventional model in the average intensity of alllenses)*
  • High-accuracy measurement above JIS standard
  • Choice ofmeasuring range in line with market demands
  • Quick release mechanismon each axis that enables smooth switching between fast positioning andFine feed
  • Regulated power supply with a soft-start characteristic for maximizing halogen bulb life
  • Bulb slide switch ing mechanism thatallows quick and safe changing of a blown bu
  • High-visibility digitalcounter with a large character display (approx. 3.6 times larger thanthe conventional type in area terms)
  • A model with a high-accuracyedge detector (Opto-eye) is available fo r effective, manual measurement.
  • Specification
  • Protractor screen (Note: The screen on model PJ-H30E will notrotate.)
  • Effective diameter: Dia. 306mm, 90Deg. solid cross linewidth: 0.1mm Rotating angle: +/- 360Deg. (counter display: +/- 370Deg.), angle display: 1Deg. or 0.01Deg.
  • Image type :Erect-unreversed
  • Projection lens (option): 5X, 10X (standard accessory), 20X, 50X, 100X: parfocal design, half mirror built-in movable type for vertical surface illumination
  • Mount: 3-turret bayonet mount
  • Magnificationaccuracy Contour: +/- 0.1% or bett er, surface: +/- 0.15% or better
  • Focusing unit:
  • Maximum hei ght of workpiece: 105mm
  • Drive/feedmechanism (Model PJ-H30E/A/B): Projection screen head vertical drive(Fixed stage unit), manual wheel (1mm/full turn)
  • Drive/feedmechanism (Model PJ-H30D) : Proj ection screen head vertical drive (fixed stage), motor-driven (jog shu ttle coarse/fine feed: approx. 4Micrometer/step for fine feed, varia ble speed: max 5mm/s)
  • Contourillumination: Light source: 24V/ 150W/50h halogen bulb, zoom-typetelecentric illumination, built-in heat absorbing filter, built-incooling fan, nonstepped light control, smooth light-up (inrush currentreduction), bulb slide switching mechanism
  • Surface illumination:Light source: 24V/150W/50h halogen bulb, vertica l/oblique surfaceillumination angle variable mechanism, built-in heat a bsorbing filter,built-in cooling fan, non-stepped light control, smoot h light-up
  • Stage:
  • Measuring range : 300 x 170mm
  • Top surface dimensions :510 x 342mm
  • Effective dimensions of stag e glass : 370 x 240mm
  • Swiveling angle +/- 3Deg. (right) +/- 5Deg. ( left)
  • Note: Mechanical assurance 10kg 20kg
  • Digital counter:
  • Resolution :0.001mmmm/inch selectable
  • Axes displayed :X an d Y
  • Functions:Zero-setting, direction switching, Opto-e ye input, external load output, RS-232C output
  • Main unit mass: 1 76kg 178kg 205kg 212kg
  • Powersupply: Switching type, AC power input: 100 to 240 V (no need forvoltage selection), GND terminal
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Magnification 10X
    Accuracy +/- 0.1%
    Max Height 105 MM
    Max Length 300 MM
    Resolution 0.001 mm
    Max Width 170 MM

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