MICROSCOPE MF-A2010C 176-663-10

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MICROSCOPE MF-A2010C 176-663-10

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MICROSCOPE MF-A2010C 176-663-10

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MICROSCOPE MF-A2010C 176-663-10 adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur dimensi benda kerja dengan ukuran yang kecil d engan fitur observasi, tidak terbentuknya flare pada pengukuran, serta v iew pengukuran yang cukup luas. Mikroskop ini mempunyai penguku ran tinggi maksimum benda kerja 220 mm dengan perbesaran maksimum 100x ( total 2000x). Mikroskop sering digunakan di industri, pabrik atau bengkel .


Additional Information

Name MICROSCOPE MF-A2010C 176-663-10
SKU MT0005448
Netto Weight 69.51 KG
Manufacturing Number 176-663-10
Dimension Unit 624 X 745 X 667 MM
Type Measuring Microscopes
  • Observation with a clear and flare-less erect image and a wide field of view
  • Measuring accuracy that is the highest in its class (andconforms to JIS B 7153)
  • Proven M Plan Apo/BD Plan Apo/G Plan Aposeries, high-NA objectives from the FS optical system (long workingdistance type)
  • Integration of metallurgical and measurementmicroscope functions provides a high-resolution observation andhigh-accuracy
  • measurement solution
  • Illumination unit (reflected/transmitted) selectable from a high-intensity LED or halogenbulb (required)
  • Variable aperture diaphragm (reflected/transmitted)allows observation measurement while suppress ing lightdiffraction
  • Variety of standardized stages in sizes up to400×200mm
  • Quick-release mechanism useful for moving the stage quickly when measuring workpieces that are large in size orquantity
  • Coarse/fine feed handles equipped as standard on bot h sidesallow precise focus and observation measurement regardlessof
  • handedness
  • High-magnification eyepiece observ ation up to 4000X(when using M Plan Apo SL200X)
  • Standard measuring mi croscope that has a wide variety of optional accessories including a V ision Unit andvarious digital CCD cameras
  • Low-noise design
  • Specification
  • Optical tube (eyepiece(s) required): Monocular or binocular (angleof column: 25°)
  • Standard TV camera port for all models, reticle(broken cross-hair, line width: 5#m), optical path switching(observation/TV camera = 50/50)
  • Observation image: Erect image
  • Observation method: Bright-field observation
  • Eyepiec e (optional)Adjustable diopter: 10X (eyepiece field number: 24), 15X, 20X
  • Note: Monocular - one 10X eyepiece provided as standard; Binocular - two 10Xeyepieces provided as standard
  • Objective (optional): ML objective3X (provided as standard), 1X, 5X, 10X, 20 X, 50X, 100X
  • Z axis:Max. workpiece height 220mm
  • Feed mec hanism: Coaxial coarse and fine feed, handles on both sides (coarse: 30mm/rotation, fine:0.2mm/rotation)
  • Illumination unit: LED or halogen is required.
  • Illumination filter: One GIF filter is provided as standard (andmountable for both transmitted and re flected illumination)
  • Stage:
  • Measurement range 200×170mm
  • Tabletop size 410×342mm
  • Effective stage glass size 270×240mm
  • Swiveling angle +/- 5° (left) +/- 3° (left)
  • Maximum table lo ading (glass top): 10kg 20kg15kg
  • Quick-release mechanism:Provid ed as standard for the X and Yaxes
  • Zero-set button Provided as s tandard for the X and Y axes (and for the Z axis only for the MF-B type)
  • Measurement system:High-accuracy digital scale 1
  • Measuring accuracy 2 (X and Y axes,when not loaded) (2.2+0.02L)#m, L: measuring l ength(mm)
  • Digitaldisplay:
  • Minimum reading: 1/0.5/0.1#m switchable
  • Display axes: X and Y (or X, Y, and Z only for th e MF-B type)
  • Functions:Zero-setting, direction switching, RS- 232C output
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Magnification 10X
    Accuracy 2.2+0.02L Micrometer
    Max Height 150 MM
    Max Length 200 MM
    Max Width 100 MM

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