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MICRO VICKERS HM-221 810-353E adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur kekerasan benda kerja dengan ukuran kecil atau tipis. Alat ini biasa digunakan untuk mengukur kekerasan material sepert i metal, komposit, keramik. Alat ini mepunyai contact point berupa dia mond dengan sudut 136 deg. Pada umumnya benda kerja yang diukur terlebih dahulu menggunakan mounted point sebelum dilakukan pengukuran. Alat ukur kekerasan ini mempunyai range 98.07mN to 980.7mN sehingga sanga t efektif dan effisien digunakan. Alat ukur kekerasan sering di gunakan di industri, pabrik atau bengkel .


Additional Information

Name MICRO VICKERS HM-221 810-353E
SKU MT0004649
Netto Weight 43.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 810-353E
Dimension Unit 400 X 640 X 600 MM
Type Micro Vickers
  • The latest electromagnetic force motor used in the loading mechanism enables the test force to be freely selected (see test forcespecifications over the wide range of 0.4903mN to 19810mN. It is alsopossible to freely set the time for loading and load dwell time. Nowyour desire for absolute control over the indentation size in Vickershardness testing can be satisfied. The HM-200 series always offers thetest force most appropriate for the specimen material andshape.
  • It is possible to perform not only the Vickers hardnesstest but also a fracture toughness test (IF test: JIS R 1607-1995) onceramics.
  • The objectives used enable a very comfortable workingdistance between the objective and the specimen surface. This greatlyreduces the possibility of collision between the specimen and theobjective during focusing operations. (e.g. 1.1mm for 50Xobjective)
  • The contrast that is most appropriate for themagnification of the objective can be obtained by manipulatin g thevariable aperture stop in the illumination unit. This makes theindentations clearly visible, leading to less variation and r educing the chance of error when measuring the diagonal lengths.
  • Specification
  • Test force range:
  • HM-211: 98.07mN to 980.7mN (9.807mNincrements) 980.7mN to 9807mN (98.07mN increments)
  • HM-221 : 0.4903mN 0.9807mN to 9.807mN (0.9807mN increments) 9.807mN to 980.7mN (9.807mNincrements) 980.7mN to 19610mN (98.07mN increments)
  • Test forcegeneration: Electromagnetic
  • Load control: Automatic (load, dwell,unload)
  • Load dwell time: 1 - 999 sec (1 sec increment)
  • XYstage:
  • Stage size: 100x100mm
  • Travel range: 25x25mm, withdigimatic micrometer heads
  • Resolution: 0.001mm
  • M ax. specimenheight: 133mm
  • Max. specimen depth: 160mm (from t he center ofindenter)
  • Indenter/objective turret: Motor driven and manualoperation
  • Indenter mounting: 2 positions
  • O bjective mounting: 4 positions
  • Optical path: 2-way (measureme nt / exposure)
  • Resolution: 0.01 Micrometer
  • Data out put: RS-232C, Digimatic code(SPC) and Centronics
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 145
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Interface (Usb) Yes
    Display LCD
    Max Workpiece Height 133 MM
    Resolution 0.01 Micrometer
    Test Scale Micro Vickers
    Work Surface Depth 160 MM
    Scale Conversion SAE/ASTM/BSi860/DIN/Mitutoyo

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