GAGE BLOCK SET (81) 0 516-402-16

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GAGE BLOCK SET (81) 0 516-402-16

Item# MT0004347

GAGE BLOCK SET (81) 0 516-402-16

Rp. 55,079,200 /EA
Rp. 55,079,200 /EA

Shipping: pkg of 1

Product Description


GAGE BLOCK SET (81) 0 516-402-16 adalah alat ya ng digunakan untuk standar kalibrasi alat ukur. Alat ini digunakan untuk dasar pengukuran saat mengukur benda kerja sehingga menghasilkan kepres isian yang tinggi terhadap nilai pengukuran benda kerja. Alat ini memp unyai ukuran yang bervariasi sehingga dapat dilakukan kalibrasi sesuai d engan kebutuhan yang diperlukan. Gauge block set ini digunakan un tuk kalibrasi ukuran 0.1001-4 INC. Gauge block set sering digunak an di industri, pabrik, atau bengkel.


Additional Information

Name GAGE BLOCK SET (81) 0 516-402-16
SKU MT0004347
Netto Weight 1.21 KG
Manufacturing Number 516-402-16
Dimension Unit 190 X 320 X 65 MM
Type Square Set
  • A wide choice is provided to best match the target applications: sets containing from 2 to 112 blocks are available. The wear to a frequently used square gauge block set can be drastically reduced by using tungstencarbide wear blocks on the ends of a stack. There are t wo available, of nominal dimension 1mm and 2mm. These blocks are much mo re wear-resistant than steel blocks, and they also absorb most of the we ar that would otherwise occur to the blocks in the set due to contact, and therefore maximize the set's longevity. Wear blocks are relatively inexpensive and can be readily discarded when no longer serviceable. To achieve maximum protection, the same face of each wear block sho uld always be wrung to a set block, so the opposite, wearing, face neve r touches a set block.
  • Features
  • Several unique characteristics
  • Specification Size : 0.1001 - 0.1009 0.101 - 0.149 0.05 - 0.95 1 - 4 INC
    Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Grade 0
    Accuracy 0.00010 MM
    Material Steel
    Qty Per Set 81
    Standard Japan International Standard
    Range 0.1001-4 INC

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