DIGIMATIC HOLTES 2-2.5IN/50-63MM 468-270

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DIGIMATIC HOLTES 2-2.5IN/50-63MM 468-270

Item# MT0005657

DIGIMATIC HOLTES 2-2.5IN/50-63MM 468-270

Rp. 18,052,100 /EA
Rp. 18,052,100 /EA

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DIGIMATIC HOLTES 2-2.5IN/50-63MM 468-270

Additional Information

Name DIGIMATIC HOLTES 2-2.5IN/50-63MM 468-270
SKU MT0005657
Netto Weight 0.71 KG
Manufacturing Number 468-270
Dimension Unit 270 X 103 X 127 MM
Type Digital Holtest
  • Three-point internal micrometer with large LCD readout. (Character height 7.4mm)
  • Titanium-coated measuring pins provide excellent durability and impact resistance and allow the instrument to measure right to the bottom of a blind hole.
  • One SR44 battery is require d and battery life is approx. 1.2 years under normal use.
  • ABSolut e and INCremental measurement modes allow highly efficient operation.
  • The IP65 protection rating allows the instrument to be used in the presence of splashing coolant.
  • Measurements can be made close to the bottom of a blind hole.
  • Deep holes can be measured by attaching an extension rod (optional).
  • A function lock prev ents accidental change of reference point.
  • Measurement data out put enables operation with Statistical Process Control (SPC) and mea surement control systems.
  • An interface input tool is available fo r transferring measurement data, under keyboard control, directly to commercial spreadsheet software
  • Interchangeable-Head Set s (interchangeable measuring heads type) covering an extended me asuring range using multiple heads and Non-interchangeable-Head Sets a re available.
  • Features
  • Large LCD readout
  • Titanium-coated measuring pins
  • One SR44 battery
  • ABSolute and INCremental mode
  • The IP65
  • Able to measure of a blind hole.
  • Function lock
  • Statis tical Process Control (SPC)
  • An interface input tool
  • Specification Range : 2-2.5 INC
    Lead Time 180
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Interface (Spc) Yes
    Accuracy 0.000015 INC
    Ip Rating IP65
    Material Steel
    Resolution 0.001 mm
    Range 2-2.5 INC

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