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Rp. 13,733,500 /EA
Rp. 13,733,500 /EA

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DIGIMATIC INDICATOR 543-562E adalah alat ukur d engan pengukuran yang sangat kecil seperti pengukuran kerataan bidang da tar, kertaan permukaan dan kebulatan poros, atau kerataan permukaan dind ing cylinder. Alat ini menggunakan alat bantu magnetic base untuk meme gang digital indicator. Kelebihan lain alat ini adalah menggunakan layar lcd sehingga kesalahan pembacaan dapat diminimalisir. Digimatic ind icator ini mempunyai besar pengukuran 0-1.2 INC. Digimatic indica tor sering digunakan di industri, pabrik, atau bengkel.


Additional Information

SKU MT0004957
Netto Weight 1.24 KG
Manufacturing Number 543-562E
Dimension Unit 380 X 155 X 105 MM
Type Digimatic Indicator
  • This new-generation digital indicator offers the excellent accuracy and functionality expected from the top class of indicator.

  • Take advantage of its high accuracy backed up by 0.5#m/.00002 in resolution,remote control functionality via a handheld controller (or an RS-232Cinterface) and easy runout measurements with the well-established analog bar display.

  • Functionality meets the needsof diverse measureme nt applications.

  • Measuring maximum value,min imum value and runout (difference between a maximum and a minimum value)

  • With the optional remote controll er, operations such as zero-setting and presetting can be made without touching the indicator body, there by avoiding disturbance to the set-up.

  • An advanced,remote control syst em can be implemented with the built-in RS-232 interface and a PC.

  • Equipped with a data output port that enables incorporation into measurement networking and statistical proces s control systems.

  • Features
  • This new-generation digital indicator offers the excellent accuracy and functionality expected from the top class of indicator.Take advantage of its high accuracy backed up by 0.5 Micrometer /.00002 INC resolution, remote control functionality via a handheld controller (oran RS-232C interface) and easy runout measurements with the well established analog bar display.

  • Maximum, minimum, or run out values can be display ed during measurement.

  • GO/+/-NG judgement is performed by setting upper and lower limits. if a judgement result s hows an out of tolerance condition, the display backlighting changes fro m green to red, so tolerance judgement can be made at a glance.

  • Ananalog bar indicator is integrated so that visualizing the fall of measurements within limits is as easy as with a dial indicator.The display range of the analog bar can be set to suit the application.

  • SPC data output.

  • RS-232C input/output.

  • Specification
  • Type : High Accuracy

  • Back Type : Flat Back

  • No. : 543-562E

  • Type : Plunger

  • Range : 30.4 MM / 1.2 INC

  • Resolution : 0.001 / 0.0 05 MM / 0.00005 INC / 0.0001 INC / 0.0002 INC

  • Accuracy : +/-0.0015 MM

  • Data Output : Ye s

  • Display : LCD character height 9.5 MM

  • Contact Point : Carbide point with M 2.5 x 0. 45

  • Stem diameter : 9.52 MM (3/8 INC) < li>

    Max.response speed : 1000 MM/s

  • Measuring Force : 2.0 N or less

  • Scale type : Absolute electrostatic linear encoder

  • Power Supply : 6V DC

  • Functions Preset, Zeroset, GO/+/-NG judg ement, Max/Min valuehold,Runout, Resolution switching, Counting di rection switching,PowerON/OFF, Data output, INC/MM readout. Alarm : Counting valuecompositionerror, Overflow error, Tolerance limit se tting error.

  • Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Interface (Spc) Yes
    Ip Rating None
    Back Type Flat Back
    Material Stainless Steel
    Range 0-1.2 INC
    Repeatability None
    Overall Accuracy +/- 0.0015 MM
    Resolution 0.0002 INC

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