CONTRACER CV-2000S4(MM) 218-632E

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CONTRACER CV-2000S4(MM) 218-632E

Item# 10003952

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CONTRACER CV-2000S4(MM) 218-632E

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CONTRACER CV-2000S4(MM) 218-632E adalah alat uku r yang digunakan untuk mengukur kontur dari permukaan benda kerja sehing ga dapat diperoleh profil permukaan kontur benda kerja. Pengukuran yang dilakukan pada benda kerja menggunakan pen kontur, dimana pengukuran y ang dilakukan secara kontak langsung dengan benda kerja dengan terlebih dahulu dilakukan penyetingan serta kalibrasi awal. Alat ukur kontur permukaan ini mempunyai range pengukuran 40-100 MM. Alat ukur kon tur permukaan sering digunakan di industri, pabrik atau laboratori um. .


Additional Information

Name CONTRACER CV-2000S4(MM) 218-632E
SKU 10003952
Netto Weight 130.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 218-632E
Dimension Unit 687 X 450 X 740 MM
Type Contour Measuring
  • Easy operation with X-axis jog shuttle
  • Centralised front control panel
  • A quick vertical motion stand with remarkableoperability
  • Highly efficient measurement
  • Specification
  • Measuring range: X axis (100mm), Z axis (40mm)
  • Accuracy: Zaxi s +/- (138+|157H|) Microinch +/- 3.5+|4H|/25 Micrometer, X axis(138+20L)Microinch 3.5+2L /100 Micrometer L=Measurementlength#mm#
  • Traverse linearity with the X axis horizontal):138Micrometer / 4 INC (3.5Micrometer/100mm)
  • Z axis resolution: 0.5Micrometer
  • Drive speed
  • Measuring: (0.2/0.5mm/s)
  • Moving:(0.2/1.0mm/s and manual)
  • Measuring force: 1 - 3gf (10 - 30mN) ( inhorizontal, using the standard arm)
  • Limiting trace angle of stylus: Up(dependent on surface quality) 77 Deg. , Down (dependent on surfacequality) 87 Deg.
  • Direction of measurement: Toward drive unit
  • Direction of the stylus whe n measuring: Down
  • X-axis operation:Motor driven / manual c ontrol knob is included
  • Stand: Manual column stand
  • Base mate rial: Granite
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 125
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 03 (more detail)
    Interface (Spc) No
    Accuracy 3.5+0.02L Micrometer
    Range X Axis 100 MM

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