BLACK GRANITE 600X600X 130MM 0 517-303C

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BLACK GRANITE 600X600X 130MM 0 517-303C

Item# MT0003486

BLACK GRANITE 600X600X 130MM 0 517-303C

Rp. 14,766,400 /EA
Rp. 14,766,400 /EA

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Product Description


BLACK GRANITE 600X600X 130MM 0 517-303C adalah landasan yang digunakan untuk penggambaran benda, alat ini mempunyai per mukaan yang rata dan keras sehingga sangat baik untuk penandaan yang tel iti dan memeriksa benda kerja. Fungsi lain dari meja datar ini adalah untuk memeriksa kerataan permukaan. Alat ini dibuat dari material batu d engan tumpuan besi yang dibuat serata mungkin. Meja datar ini me mpunyai dimensi 600 X 600 X 130 MM. Meja datar sering digunakan d i industri, pabrik, atau bengkel.


Additional Information

Name BLACK GRANITE 600X600X 130MM 0 517-303C
SKU MT0003486
Netto Weight 140.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 517-303C
Dimension Unit 600 X 600 X 130 MM
Type Standard
  • Natural granite is free from deterioration or dimensional changeover time.
  • Granite surface plates have significant advanta ges overcast iron surface plates: Twice as hard as cast iron. Non-magnetic. Lowthermal expansion.
  • Free from wringing, so th ere is no interruptionof work.
  • Free from burrs or protrusions bec ause of the fine grainstructure and insignificant stickiness; this ensures a high degreeof flatness over a long service life and causes no damage to workpiecesor instruments.
  • Use these plates in a stabletemperature environment. Since flatness error occur s when there isa temperature difference between the working surface and the underside,avoid working in direct sunlight. Also, do n ot place a plate in thevicinity of an air conditioner, etc. (Re commended environment:Temperature 20±1°C, Humidity 58±2%)
  • Features
  • Free from deterioration.
  • Non-magnetic
  • Free fromwringing
  • Free from burrs
  • Specification Flatness : 0.005MM
    Lead Time 100
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Flatness 0.005 MM
    Grade 0

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