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FORMTRACER EXTREME SV-C3000H 525-544-2 adalah al at yang mampu mengukur tingkat kekasaran permukaan pada benda kerja. Nil ai kekasaran ini diukur untuk proses quality control pada proses produks i. Dengan data kekasaran maka dapat diperoleh peninjauan ulang terhada p proses produksi. Dial indicator pada alat ini akan bergerak pada permu kaan benda kerja untuk melakukan pengukuran sehingga diperoleh nilai kek asaran yang dibutuhkan. Formtracer ini mempunyai dimensi 800 X 65 1 X 1000 MM. Formtracer sering digunakan di industri, pabrik at au laboratorium .


Additional Information

SKU MT0006459
Netto Weight 250.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 525-544-2
Dimension Unit 800 X 651 X 1000 MM
Type Roughness Instrument
Benefit -
  • High-accuracy CNC Surface Roughness/ Form Measuring Instrument thatallows measurement of surface roughness and form/contour with one unit.
  • Each axis has the maximum drive speed of 200mm/s, which permitshigh-speed positioning that may result in a large increase in thethroughput of multipleprofile/ multiple-workpiece measurement tasks.
  • For models with the # axis, it is possible to perform continuousmeasurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by powertilting thedetector unit.
  • For models with the Y-axis table, it is possible toexpand the measuring range for multiple workpieces, et c., throughpositioning in the Y-axis direction.
  • Enables inclined planemeasurements through 2-axis simultaneous control in the X- andY-directions.
  • When the detector for form/contour measuremen t isreplaced with that for surface roughness measurement, or vice ve rsa, itis a simple, one-touch replacement without re-routing of the connectingcables.
  • Since the Z1-axis detector incorporates an anti-collisionsafety device, the detector unit will automaticall y stop even if itsmain body collides with a workpiece or jig.
  • Suppl ied with aneasy-to-operate Remote Box, on which the user can make any movement byselecting the required axis using the two joysticks. The cur rent axisselection is easily identified by the icon on the key top.
  • Communication with the Data Processing/ Analysis secti on is via USB.
  • Specification
  • Contour measuring range X1 axis: 200mm
  • Contour measuringrang e Z1 axis :25mm
  • Surface Roughness measuring range X1 axis:200mm
  • Surface Roughness measuring range Z1 axis :800 / 80 / 8Micrometer(up to 2400 Micrometerwith an optional stylus)
  • Z2 axisvertical travel :500m
  • Surface roughness resolution :0.01 / 0.001 / 0.0001 Micrometer(Z1)
  • Accuracy :X1 = +/- (1+2L/100) Micrometer/Z1 = +/- (2+|H|/25) Micrometer
  • Measuring speed :0.02-2mm/s
  • Measuring method :Linear Encoder
  • Contour measuring force :30mN
  • Surface roughness measuring force : 4mN or 0.75mN (low force type)
  • Traverse straightness :2Microme ter / 200mm
  • Measuring Force:30mN
  • Resolution :0.05 Micromet er (X, Z2)
  • Stylus tip radius:25 Micrometer, carbide tip
  • Inclination angle :-45 Deg. +10Deg.
  • Measuring direction :Forwar ds/Backwards, 70 Deg.(ascending/descending)
  • Power consumption: 50 0W (main unit only)
  • Stylus up/down operation :Arc movement Material :Granite
  • Drive speed :Max. 200m/s in X1 and Z2 / 0-60mm/s in X1 and Z2(Joystick mode)
  • Power Supply :100-240VAC + /- 10%, 50/60Hz
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Range Y Axis -
    Accuracy 3+3L/1000 Micrometer
    Interface (Spc) Yes
    Ip Rating -
    Meti Required -
    Range X Axis 200 MM

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