CONTRACER CV-2000M4 218-641E

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CONTRACER CV-2000M4 218-641E

Item# MT0003733

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CONTRACER CV-2000M4 218-641E

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CONTRACER CV-2000M4 218-641E adalah alat ukur ya ng digunakan untuk mengukur kontur dari permukaan benda kerja sehingga d apat diperoleh profil permukaan kontur benda kerja. Pengukuran yang dila kukan pada benda kerja menggunakan pen kontur, dimana pengukuran yang dilakukan secara kontak langsung dengan benda kerja dengan terlebih dahu lu dilakukan penyetingan serta kalibrasi awal. Alat ukur kontur perm ukaan ini mempunyai range pengukuran 40-100 MM. Alat ukur kontur permukaan sering digunakan di industri, pabrik atau laboratorium. .


Additional Information

Name CONTRACER CV-2000M4 218-641E
SKU MT0003733
Netto Weight 130.00 KG
Manufacturing Number 218-641E
Dimension Unit 688 X 450 X 740 MM
Type Contour Measuring
  • Easy operation with X-axis jog shuttle
  • Centralised front control panel
  • A quick vertical motion stand with remarkableoperability
  • Highly efficient measurement
  • Specification
  • Measuring range: X axis (100mm), Z axis (40mm)
  • Accuracy: Zaxi s +/- (138+|157H|) Microinch +/- 3.5+|4H|/25 Micrometer, X axis(138+20L)Microinch 3.5+2L /100 Micrometer L=Measurementlength#mm#
  • Traverse linearity with the X axis horizontal):138Micrometer / 4 INC (3.5Micrometer/100mm)
  • Z axis resolution: 0.5Micrometer
  • Drive speed
  • Measuring: (0.2/0.5mm/s)
  • Moving:(0.2/1.0mm/s and manual)
  • Measuring force: 1 - 3gf (10 - 30mN) ( inhorizontal, using the standard arm)
  • Limiting trace angle of stylus: Up(dependent on surface quality) 77 Deg. , Down (dependent on surfacequality) 87 Deg.
  • Direction of measurement: Toward drive unit
  • Direction of the stylus whe n measuring: Down
  • X-axis operation:Motor driven / manual c ontrol knob is included
  • Stand: Manual column stand
  • Base mate rial: Granite
  • Standard Certificate JIS
    Lead Time 0
    Sales UOM EA
    Warranty Code 07 (more detail)
    Interface (Spc) No
    Accuracy 3.5+0.02L Micrometer
    Range X Axis 100 MM

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