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CEMB Z300 Horizontal Balancing Machine

Product Code : IOZ000078

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Type : Z300

Features :
All machines in the Z series have hard bearings. The basic characteristic is that the centrifugal force generated by the unbalanced does not cause vibration in the structure bearing the structure bearing the rotor, but is unloaded completely via the force transducer onto the frame construction of the pedestals, which are very hard. The signal obtained is proportional to the centrifugal force produced by the unbalanced. The fact that the centrifugal unbalanced force is independent of rotor mass, of it inertia and it shape is at the root of the basic advantage of hard-bearing balancing machines, which consist of the possibility to calibrate its settings immediately on the basis of the rotor dimension alone. In fact, once you have chosen the correction planes , all you have to set on the machine are distances of these planes from their respective pedestals the distances between the planes and the correction diameter . These setting which are made with the machine at a stand still produce excellent calibration without any calculations. A hard bearing machine has to be fixed firmly to the ground because incoming vibration may affect the balancing result. However for all normal purposes this does not required a special foundation ; all you need is a normal workshop floor with a good surface and a strong cash structure the pedestals of hard bearing balancing machines. Re practically ; i.e. They are equality hard in all directions ,which means that they are particularly suitable for balancing flexible rotors. Z series balancing machines are all fitted with real piezoelectric force transducers. This solution is the modern evolution the semi hard bearing system where the force measuring transducer consisted of a spring leaf with an electrodynamic transducer. This solution which some balancing machine manufactures still use today suffers the draw back of having a more limited range of application than the force measuring transducer solution. In fact ,in a semi hard bearing machine ,the rigidity of the structure that bears the rotor mush stand up to two opposing conditions ; one the one side it mush be hard enough for the critical frequency of the pedestal and rotor assembly to be much higher than the balancing speed so as to allow for dimensional calibrations . While on the other hand it must be relatively soft so that the vibrations have a large enough amplitude to be picked up by the electrodynamic transducer which is only sensitive to the mechanical movement in the oscillating parts. The CEMB solution enables rotors with a very wide variety of weight to be balanced in a very wide range of speed with out penalising machine performance.

 Maximum weight for symmetric rotor kg 3000
 Maximum diameter of rotor mm 1000
 Diameter rotor of journals mm 5 ÷ 100
 Maximum sensitivity 0,8
 Standard bed mm 1800
 Max. length for rotor with standard bed mm 900
 Available bed extension mm 1200/1800/3000/4200
 Min. distance between centerline of pedestals mm 70
 Balancing speed rpm 340 A.C.
125÷2200 D.C
 Power end type of drive kW 2.2 A.C & 4.5 D.C.
 Belt drive
 Standard bed mm 1200
 Min. distance between centerline of pedestals mm 150
 Max. distance between centerline of pedestals mm 1050
 Diameter driven by belt mm 30 ÷ 300TCN - 50 ÷ 400TCI
 Balancing speed rpm (70) 125 ÷ 10000
 Power end type of drive kW 2,8 D.C

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