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Katalog Produk Machinery and Machine Tools Accessories Grinding Machine Centerless Grinder RC–18/RC–18B Internal Grinding Machine

PARAGON RC–18/RC–18B Internal Grinding Machine

Product Code : IOZ000094

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Type : RC – 18/RC – 18B

Features :

The machine bed is made of height quality “MEEHANITE” case iron and has aging treatment and precision ground. No worn out.
All gears are made of SNCM 220 alloy steel having been normalized, carburized hardened and precision ground .No vibration and noise.
The angle of the regulating wheel dressing unit can be swivelled according to workpiece requirements in order to enhance accuracy.
A Japanese servo motor is used as the regulating wheel motor which provides infinitely variable speed change from 0-295 rpm and can be adjusted to ideal linear speed.
The servo motor is driven directly by worm and worm gear. This can reduce vibration during grinding and consequently achieve the best roundness.
The grinding and regulating wheel spindles are made of high quality alloy steel (SNCM 439), induction hardened super finished. They are sturdy and strong enough to permit heavy duty grinding at high speeds and assure superior surface finish.
The upper slide can be rapidly and precisely swivelled up to ±5 degree in order to grind taper in feed grinding and provide perfect contact between work piece and grinding wheel in true feed grinding.
Both grinding wheel and regulating wheel dressing units are hydraulic traversed, traverse speed is infinitely adjustable. Dressing slides are made of special alloy cast iron and hand scraping. Assures smooth dressing and high accuracy.
One pressure switch is provided in the grinding wheel spindle lubrication system so that the spindle motor won’t rotate while the lubrication pressure is reduced. This prevents the spindle from dry running and damage.
During grinding, it cools down hydraulic oil temperature and there for reduce size vibration also enhance grinding wheel spindle life.
Standard Accessories :  
1. Grinding wheel + flange (mounted on machine)
2. Regulating wheel + flange (mounted on machine)
3. In feed work rest + carbide blade
4. Thru seed work rest + carbide blade
5. Coolant tank with pump
6. Hydraulic tank with pump
7. Diamond tool for truing (mounted on machine)
8. Hydraulic cooling fan (mounted on machine)
9. Work lamp (mounted on machine)
10. Standard electrical equipment (mounted on machine)
11. Wheel flange extractor
12. Tool box with tools
13. Workpiece pressor
Optional Accessories :
1. Automatic loading & unloading attachment for infeed grinding
2. Manual work feeder for infeed grinding
3. Hydraulic work ejector for infeed grinding
4. Paper filter
5. Magnetic coolant separator
6. Hydro cyclone coolant filter
7. Unloading attachment for thrufeed grinding
8. Automatic loading attachment for thrufeed grinding (hopper type)
9. Vibratory feeder for thrufeed grinding
10. Automatic loading attachment for thrufeed grinding (magazine type)
11. Wheel balancing stand and arbor
12. Automatic infeed attachment
13. Profile template
14. Special thrufeed work rest (S type)
15. Vibration meter
16. Oil cooler
17. Rotary dressing unit (for diamond grinding wheel only)
18. Grinding wheel face dressing unit
19. Oil mist separator
20. Jig crane with lock for grinding wheel
21. Supporter for long bar grinding
 Grinding Range Diameter
2 – 50mm (0.04” - 2”)
 Grinding wheel size (ø x width x hole)
455 x 205 x 228,6 mm
(18” x 8” x 9”)
 Regulating wheel size
 (ø x width x hole)
255 x 205 x 111,2mm
(10” x 8” x 4,38”)
280 x 205 x 139.7mm
(11” x 8” x 5.5”) (B series)
 Grinding wheel speed
 Regulating wheel speed
13 – 308rpm (10 step)
0 – 300rpm (B series)
 Grinding wheel motor
15 Hp 4P
 Regulating wheel motor
2Hp 6p/1.8KW (servo motor)
 Hydraulic pump motor
1 Hp 4P
 Coolant pump motor
¼ Hp 2P
 Upper slide feed graduation
3,5mm (rev)
 Upper slide micro feed graduation
0,1mm (rev)
 Lower slide feed graduation
10mm (rev)
 Lower slide micro feed graduation
0,2mm (rev)
 Dressing device graduation
 Regulating wheel tile angle
± 5o
 Regulating wheel swivel angle
± 5o
 Net weight (approx)
2400 kg
 Shipping gross weight (approx)
2700 kg
 Size of case (approx) (LxWxH)
2250 x 2000 x 1800mm

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