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Tips Tips for Maintenance of Genset-Krisbow
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Krisbow Generator Set

Generator Set KrisbowTips for Maintenance of Genset-Krisbow

Genset : KW26-32

A. Operation :

  1. Use the generator following its capacity
  2. Use this unit to the electricity network which is not more than 4000 watts
  3. Heat up the unit 1 times in 7 days if it not used
  4. Put on an opened area with adequate circulation, unit not exposed to rain or heat
  5. Set up the unit at room with a cool temperature
  6. Using a right diesel
  7. Do not let the tank units were empty, leaving at least a quarter of diesel fuel to be refilled

B. Maintenance :

  1. Replace the oil in the first 20 hours and periodically every 100 hours of use or 3 months (whichever is first)
  2. Clean the air filter every 100 hours and replace it if it is already difficult to be cleaned
  3. Check every day: the switch and fuse, accu conditions, the height of oil, fuel (drain and replace it if it is necessary)
  4. Use Krisbow battery charger for charging batteries if the voltage decreases
  5. Read the maintenance period following directions

For information, call:

Krisbow Div. (021) 582 8282 ext. 472/445

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