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Grand Opening

All the Biggest Stores Kawan Lama Retail Business

Grand opening the biggest stores Kawan Lama Retail Business at Living World, Alam Sutera, was held in Saturday, July 23, 2011. Those the biggest stores are Ace Hardware, Informa Home Furnishing, Toys Kingdom, Office 1 Superstore, Bike Colony, and Pendopo. Stores of Informa with size 25.000m², Ace with size up to 15.000m², and size of Toys Kingdom about 3000m², getting MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia) record as the biggest stores in Indonesia. Ace indeed is as the biggest store in the world. The record award handed in by founder of MURI Mr. Jaya Suprana.

Series of Grand Opening All the Biggest Stores of Kawan Lama Retail Business which took place in gloriaous massively held on, with various of interesting offer such as special discount, doorprize, and free member card to buy in concept of “Week of Celebration”. Social activity in blood donors, join together with Indonesia Red Cross (PMI), also as one of noteable part of the grand opening.

Living World Alam Sutera

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